What We Do


With FCC General Radio Operators Licenses, multiple OEM certifications, and almost a decade of experience in the wireless industry, we are well suited to accurately and efficiently recommend a solution for any situation needing improved radio coverage. 

  • Installation & Project Management

  • System Commissioning

  • Annual Compliance Certification

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Cellular / Commercial DAS

  • Public Safety DAS (ERRCS)

  • Consulting

  • Design & Engineering


Does your building, complex, or venue have a wireless master plan? We’ll help you establish your goals and objectives, identifying your current needs and future opportunities to design a Commercial DAS that not only addresses today’s needs, but is well-prepared for the future.


Through a site survey and review of your building’s construction drawings, we’ll prepare designs that meet and exceed both your goals and regulatory requirements. Design services include RF heat maps, floor by floor level RF design, and 3D modeling.


Our team brings deep experience in the construction process. Starting with filling licenses and submittals with the AHJ to coordinating the order of operations with all team members and attending construction meetings, we’ll ensure our work runs smoothly and doesn’t interrupt any others on the job site. Throughout the job, we provide ongoing project management to ensure timely inspections and approvals, and coordinate delivery of all partners, third-parties, and carriers to ensure on-time completion and commissioning.

System Commissioning

Once installation is complete, we will commission and validate your system, ensuring it’s optimized to meet your requirements and those of the jurisdiction and carriers. We will ensure proper output from system, verify the end user experience, ensure hand-off to macro network, obtain AHJ approvals, and provide timely receipt of your Certificate of Occupancy.

Annual Compliance Certification

Your building’s Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) requires annual testing and inspection. This is required by both the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and International Fire Code 510.6.1. We can provide annual inspection and recertification to keep your system in compliance.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We can monitor and maintain our own systems, or ones installed by others. Our ongoing monitoring services allow you to rest easy knowing that our team is ensuring consistent operation of your system and recommending any preventative measures. If an issue does occur, our team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice to minimize any potential downtime.

Additional Services

Smarts and Parts

Are you an electrical or low-voltage contractor looking for a partner to install a DAS? We can work alongside you, bringing our OEM certifications, along with our design and commissioning experience to bring in everything you need to deliver a successful project.

RFP Development

In-building wireless systems can be complex, expensive, and time consuming. Before you put a project out to bid, let us help you make sure you’re asking all the right questions and requesting the right level of detail to ensure you end up with a system that fits your needs for today and tomorrow.


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