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Many of today’s buildings make it impossible for people to get the wireless coverage they expect. That means dropped calls and slow speeds. It also means trouble connecting with First Responders in an emergency. At Pulse, it’s our mission to change that. We make the connections that matter most. Because even though the ways we connect have changed, the need to connect never will.


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We’re your end-to-end DAS and ERRCS partner.

  • Cellular / Commercial DAS

  • Public Safety DAS (ERRCS)

  • Consulting

  • Design & Engineering

  • Installation & Project Management

  • System Commissioning

  • Annual Compliance Certification

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

Preparing You for the Unexpected


is your building future-ready?

Today, it’s estimated that 80% of phone calls originate and end from inside buildings. With the number of connected devices worldwide growing from nearly 27 billion in 2017 to 125 billion in 2030, and 5G traffic accounting for more than 10% of the total mobile traffic by 2022, it’s clear that today’s in-building wireless technology is not ready for the future.


What will happen in an emergency?

A Survey of the International Association of Fire Chiefs reports that in a large percentage of buildings, critical communication can’t happen. Additionally, if dispatch times were improved by just one minute, 10,000 lives could be saved each year. The ability for tenants to reach First Responders while inside a building, and for emergency personnel to be able to communicate effectively with each other, is critical.


Bringing Expertise to a Complex Challenge


As a single-source integrator, we’re the only vendor you need. We bring the expertise to design, install, and maintain the right system to prepare any building for unexpected emergencies or future technologies. We’re experienced with fiber-based networking solutions and we understand the complexities of commercial real estate and design with flexibility and growth in mind. We’re able to work with wireless carriers to ensure your system coordinates with them, is tested correctly, and is properly commissioned. And finally, we’ll bring a team of experienced RF engineers to the job, along with specialized tools and testing equipment to get everything done right the first time.


How Can We Help?


Building owners & Developers

Quality of wireless connections is the #2 driver for tenants selecting a building. 84% of tenants say they’d be willing to pay more per square foot for a building with better connectivity. We’ll help you design and install a wireless solution that not only addresses today’s needs, but tomorrow’s possibilities as well. The future brings a lot of unknowns. Let us help you develop a wireless master plan that can save you time, money, and frustration, and add real value and ROI to your building.


You face a lot challenges on any construction project. It’s our goal to make sure public safety isn’t one of them. We’ll lead the way to ensure every building we work on is within code. Using specialized testing equipment and handheld radios used by the First Responders, we can verify if adequate radio coverage exists in any building. We can then design, install and properly commission a system to improve it. Once a system is installed, we will remotely monitor it and perform annual compliance inspections to ensure the building stays within fire code.


Featured Projects


Connecting San Francisco’s latest luxury condos

181 Fremont Street

We installed a new cellular DAS infrastructure to provide coverage for Verizon and AT&T wireless customers. In total, we brought coverage to 62 floors, laying 96,000 feet of coax cable, 7,500 feet of fiber, and installing 242 antennas.


Creating Clear Connections for Students

UC Santa Cruz McHenry Library

The McHenry Library was suffering from poor in-building cell coverage due to its construction materials. We installed and commissioned a DAS infrastructure to improve the lack of cellular coverage, laying over 4,000 feet of fiber and 14,000 feet of coax cable in just 30 days.


Connecting 50,000 tech-savvy Fans

Stanford Stadium

We removed the existing DAS network that was not providing effective coverage to attendees, and installed and commissioned new DAS network. In just 45 days we laid over 45,000 feet of coax and installed 182 antennas to get the stadium ready for game day.

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